Obama Insults the Bereaved in Dallas

Obama Insults the Bereaved in Dallas
By Michael Shannon

It takes a special kind of president to travel to Dallas, ostensibly to speak at a memorial service for five assassinated police officers, and instead deliver a Black Lives Matter convention speech. A president completely oblivious to the purpose of the occasion and what decency requires.

Obama delivered a speech the Daily Caller said was almost entirely his composition, so sympathizers can't go to the default excuse and blame it on the staff.

This was Obama letting Obama be Obama.

Less than half the speech can generously be attributed to honoring the officers who gave their lives.

The rest was an insulting travesty that combined Obama's usual self----referential adulation (45 mentions of "I") with his faculty lounge race----baiting and hectoring of a society that after almost eight years still doesn't deserve him.

It was a slap in the face to every member of the Dallas police family when Obama made excuses for Black Lives Matter and included sympathetic references to Alton Sterling, who was shot resisting arrest in Baton Rouge: "And I understand these protests ---- I see them...Sometimes they can be hijacked by an irresponsible few. Police can get hurt. Protesters can get hurt.

"...But even those who dislike the phrase "black lives matter," surely, we should be able to hear the pain of Alton Sterling's family." Maybe later, but certainly not at the Dallas service.

There is no sentimental equivalence between the deaths of five police officers killed while protecting people expressing their dislike of cops and the death of a career criminal.

Obama justifies this bizarre show of mortuary equivalence by explaining that in addition to his criminal career, Alton was the black male answer to Paula Dean, "We should ---- when we hear a friend describe him by saying that, whatever he cooked, he cooked enough for everybody, that should sound familiar to us, that maybe he wasn't so different than us. So that we can, yes, insist that his life matters."

Yes, nothing says loving like something in the oven. If only Sterling expressed an equal love for the law.

Dallas cops gave their lives trying to keep the peace, Sterling lost his life running a low----class hustle where he sold pirated CDs and DVDs to a customer base that has as much respect for intellectual property as China.

Examined in the light of his overall criminal career, Sterling's activities that night were almost benign, except for brandishing the gun at the person who called 9----1----1. The individual Obama eulogized on the Dallas stage was a convicted pedophile, domestic abuser, burglar and thief with previous gun convictions.

That's enough to get you banned from the NFL, but if a cop shoots Sterling as he reaches for the illegal gun in his pocket, it rates a shout out from the president.

Hands down, I want to shoot!

The speech would've been a perfect time for Obama to point out it's not only whites who fall prey to racial bigotry and that the nation as a whole would be better served if we resisted the urge to jump to conclusions before all the facts where known. And to give some credit, he did say painting all cops as criminals, serving a corrupt justice system, was wrong.

And then Obama turns around and gives Black Lives Matter, the group doing just that, absolution for the climate of cop hatred it created!

"We also know that centuries of racial discrimination, of slavery, and subjugation, and Jim Crow; they didn't simply vanish with the law against segregation...So that if you're black, you're more likely to be pulled over or searched or arrested; more likely to get longer sentences; more likely to get the death penalty for the same crime...we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest as troublemakers or paranoid.

"...To have your experience denied like that, dismissed by those in authority, dismissed perhaps even by your white friends and coworkers and fellow church members, again and again and again, it hurts. Surely we can see that, all of us."

So maybe these Dallas cops were innocent, but keep an eye on the rest of those crackers.

During an occasion that called for truth Obama endorsed a racial shakedown movement based on the lie that Michael Brown was shot down in cold blood while on his way deliver cigars to orphans.

It was a travesty. It was offensive. And it was a disservice to the families of the slain police officers.

Black lies matter, Mr. President. If you don't believe it, call the chief in Dallas.


©Copyright 2016 Michael Shannon, distributed by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

Michael Shannon is a commentator and public relations consultant, and is the author of "A Conservative Christian's Guidebook for Living in Secular Times." He can be reached at


Tanger Outlets, Foley Raises Over $5,000 in Support of Local Schools

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    Pensacola Chamber

    Pensacola Chamber Foundation announces Leadership Pensacola Class of 2017
    PENSACOLA, Fla. – June 15, 2016 – The Pensacola Chamber Foundation announced today the Leadership Pensacola (LeaP) Class of 2017. Participants were carefully selected for their professional achievements, commitment to the Northwest Florida community, and leadership skills and potential.
    Founded in the fall of 1982, LeaP is a 10-month-long program designed to help participants acquire an understanding of the issues facing the Greater Pensacola area and the leadership skills necessary to resolve them. To date, more than 1,500 individuals have completed the Leadership Pensacola program and have acquired the skills, passion and connections to work effectively as community trustees.
    “It is an honor to welcome this new class of exceptional men and women as part of the distinguished Leadership Pensacola program,” said Greater Pensacola Chamber President & CEO Clay Ingram. “LeaP provides participants with an opportunity to pursue a common cause together, contribute to important and rewarding work in our community, and generate a long- lasting impact for future generations.”
    Each year the LeaP Selection Committee seeks a cross-section of the community, made up of men and women from different career, educational, political, social and cultural backgrounds. Participants accepted into LeaP are involved in a combination of retreats, day-long seminars and at least one community project for which the class uses its resources and talents to enhance the Greater Pensacola region.
    The LeaP Class of 2017 is Robert Andrade, Danita Andrews, Leslie Appleyard, Cherri Baker, Sheldon Bernau, Dannon Byrd, Molly Carey, Natalie Chism, Susan Clark, Jehan Clark, Amanda Clonts, Michael Crawford, Melissa Dandridge, Preston Forshee, Brandi Gomez, Trevor Hadder, Leah Harrison, Verdell Hawkins, Michelle Henghold, Jeff Huggins, Leslie Hunter-Huff, Kelly Jasen, Kasey Jones, Tyler Kercher, Heather Lafevers, Alicia Leidner, Alfred Lojo, Glenn Lovett, Kevin Mair, Kristen McAllister, Chandra McKern, Kay Mitchell, Eddie Murray, Jennifer Passeretti, Brice Pelfrey, Jason Perry, Ricki Phelps, Todd Phillips, Sara Porter, Allison Romer, Anny Shepard, Charles Sherrill, III, Brett Snyder, John Stevens, Kristen Sylvester, David Taylor, Martha Tutchtone, Mehrdad Valinasab, Lynne Whittington and Lauren Williams.
    About Leadership Pensacola
    Leadership Pensacola, a 501(c)(3), was founded in the fall of 1982 with the first graduating class in 1983. The Greater Pensacola Chamber established the program with a goal of ensuring the community's pool of talented leaders would be continually renewed. To date, more than 1,500 people have completed the Leadership Pensacola program and have acquired the skills, passion and connections to work effectively as community trustees. For additional information about Leadership Pensacola, please visit pensacolachamber.com/LeaP.
    About the Pensacola Chamber Foundation
    The Pensacola Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to drive economic prosperity and enhance the quality of life in Greater Pensacola by taking a long- term, strategic approach to regional growth and community building. Its goal is to build a healthier, better-educated workforce; to continue to advance the region’s competitive economic positioning; and to improve community infrastructure by focusing on strengthening special economic interests within the region, on small business development, on minority initiatives, and on military support services. For additional information, please visit pensacolachamber.com.

    Parks and Recreation

    This July, Pensacola residents don’t need to be bitten by a radioactive spider to discover that they have super powers. They just need to visit their nearest park or recreation center to find super powers they didn’t know they had.
    Play Pensacola Parks and Recreation is celebrating Park and Recreation Month, an initiative of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), and all the ways parks and recreation has the power to transform our daily lives. From providing us places to get fit and stay healthy to fostering new relationships and forging a connection with nature, our close-to-home community park and recreation facilities provide essential services and improve quality of life.
    “Providing quality programming and services and a safe, attractive park system is a commitment we make every day to the families and residents of Pensacola. We’re excited to bring awareness to that commitment through the Park and Recreation Month activities our staff has planned. I personally invite you and your family to discover your super powers by visiting a park or recreation facility or activity in July,” said Brian Cooper, Play Pensacola Parks and Recreation Director.
    Play Pensacola Parks and Recreation has several special events and activities, free fitness classes, park cleanups and more to celebrate this special month. A complete list of activities is available at
    NRPA is celebrating the month by hosting a selfie photo contest. From July 4-31, NRPA will issue weekly challenges for people to get out in their parks and recreation facilities and discover their super powers. Weekly prizes will be awarded. The contest can be entered via Facebook or by uploading a photo to Twitter and Instagram using #SuperJuly and #SuperParkSelfie. Visit
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    To learn more about Park and Recreation Month, visit
    www.playpensacola.com/prmonth and www.nrpa.org/July.

    About The City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department
    The City of Pensacola has a total of 93 parks & open spaces, along with 8 resource centers which are maintained by the Parks & Building Maintenance Divisions, programmed by the Recreation Division, and utilized by Pensacola residents and City organizations. The mission of the Parks & Recreation Department is to improve and promote the quality of life for all citizens and visitors of Pensacola by protecting the heritage of our parks while providing a wide range of recreational, social, and educational opportunities. For more information, visit
    About The National Recreation and Park Association
    The National Recreation and Park Association is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing park, recreation and conservation efforts that enhance quality of life for all people. Through its network of more than 50,000 recreation and park professionals and citizens, NRPA encourages the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles, conservation initiatives and equitable access to parks and public space. For more information, visit
    NRPA.org. For digital access to NRPA’s flagship publication, Parks & Recreation, visit ParksAndRecreation.org.
    This July, Pensacola Will Discover the Super Powers of Parks and Recreation


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