December 5 Editorial

Anyone who lives below the Mason Dixon line knows that this past weekend was the football upset heard ‘round the world. Being that it was Thanksgiving weekend, I had the pleasure of enduring a Florida State triumph while comforting my “Roll Tide” crazy husband with a house full of family. I barely escaped with my sanity.
I awoke to a beautiful Saturday morning and a fresh cup of Hazelnut coffee courtesy of my Black Friday Doorbuster Keurig coffee maker. Like any southern girl would do, I primped and painted myself, then threw on my best garnet and gold game day attire, as if someone might see me not looking cute while screaming at the TV in my living room.
I sat down and turned on the TV just in time to see the Noles kick off when the front door swung open to the sound of mindless chatter about every subject except for the game that I was trying to focus on. One of my husband’s family members sat down beside me, seeing that I was dressed head to toe in garnet and gold, and actually asked while staring at the orange and blue uniforms on the field, “Is that the Seminoles?” I looked at her like “this has to be a joke”, but quickly realized she was serious. I replied, “No. It says Gators on their helmets.”
This was going to be a long day.
I tried my hardest for the next three hours to tune out the dumb and tune into the game. Each time I yelled during a play, the so-called Auburn fan in the group (I say so-called because I feel you have to a) watch the games on Saturday and b) know SOMETHING about the rules of football to be able to call yourself a fan….liking their colors does not count) would say, “Did Auburn score?” Are you kidding me?
When the Seminoles had finished putting the spear in the Gators season, it was on to the Iron Bowl. I cringed as I heard the screeches once again of, “Did Auburn score” every time we made a peep. I mean, did these people not have eyes? Clearly Auburn didn’t even have the ball! I did giggle when my father in law scolded, “Geez, get in the game!”
As the game and my nerves wore on, I watched in horror mixed with utter delight as I saw my husband curled into an anxious ball on the couch as the clock ran down in a tie game. As Nick Saban argued for one second to be put back on the clock so that Alabama would have one final attempt before overtime, two thoughts ran through my head; 1) If Alabama loses, my husband will be devastated and we won’t get to have the rivalry championship game we wanted 2) If Alabama loses, FSU is basically guaranteed a spot in the national championship. Yay for me!
We all watched in full on shock as Auburn ran the ball down the field to score and win the game. My husband sat in silence with his mouth hung open while his “Auburn Fan” family member yelled in excitement as if she had a clue what had just happened.
Later that night as the reality of a loss set in, my husband sank into a depression that seemed to have glued his mouth shut. I tried my best to cheer him up by making conversation about other things with no luck.
As we sat in the car on the way home from dinner, I decided I was going to have to break out the big guns. “Well, at least now you don’t have to get that tattoo of my face on your rear end.” He replied in a less that amused tone, “Do you think that’s funny?” To which I replied, “Not at all. I was looking forward to it actually. You can’t win them all.”
With a dirty look he went back to ignoring me in silence. A few minutes later, I said, “At least I’m not related to an Auburn fan.” I felt his eyes burning a hole through my soul, and when I looked up, I finished the FSU fight song, “Florida State, Florida State, Florida State….WHOOO!” Let’s just say, it was a little frosty in our house that night.
In all actuality, I am a little disappointed that Bama lost because I wanted my team to be the ones who knocked them off of their high horse. It was bound to happen. It does to every team. Even the ones considered a dynasty.
In the words of some guy who wrote a poem on Facebook, “For the night after Auburn, the Tide does not roll. The new boss in town wears garnet and gold.”