October 10 Editorial

By: Kelly Woodard

It’s my favorite time of year again. A time where I can dress up in the most ridiculous outfit I can fathom and wander into a public place without ridicule. A time where I can be whoever I want to be. A time where I can scare the beejezus out of neighborhood children on my own front porch without anyone calling the cops. That’s right kiddies! It’s HALLOWEEN!
As a Halloween costume guru of sorts with yet another contest win and $500 cash under my belt, this year is sure to be no exception. Once again, my poor husband is along for the ride, and his only request for my crazy concoction is that he doesn’t have to dress as a woman….again.
People always ask me, “How do you come up with these things?” To which I can only answer……use your imagination people! It’s easy to win a costume contest when your only competition is store bought “yawn fest” wear or a gaggle of skinny 20-somethings dressed like hookers.
So this year, to get everyone in the running for the first place trophy (and honestly to keep me from punching uncreative people in the face) I will share some of my top secret tips on how to have the best costume in the room.
Remember to keep it current- Check the headlines and work off of something people are buzzing about. Scandals are always fun. Find one and make a mockery of it. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of little Miley Cyrus’s running around out there, so try to be creative if that is your choice.
Do keep sexy costumes creative- So you’re the girl who has to dress as something slutty for attention? Ok. I get it. But remember one thing….If you are going to dress skimpy, make it count. For instance, don’t go to the costume shop, buy a tutu, some animal ears, pair it with your bra and call yourself a lion. Instead, paint your face and tease your hair until the cows come home. Add some ridiculously long “claws” and some vampire teeth for fangs. Now you are a lion. A skanky one, but hey, at least people know you are a lion. This tip also works for sailor, Girl Scout, fairy, nurse costumes, etc. If you must be so generic in your costume choice, at least be a zombie version or find a way to make it funny. Otherwise, you look like you are trying too hard.
Never dress up as human genitalia- It’s not funny….ever. Not even the light socket and plug combo costume. Don’t do it.
Do find a costume buddy- It’s always more fun to dress up as a duo or even get a group together and find a theme that works for everyone. You’ll grab more attention that way, and your costume buddy can help you get creative with makeup and accessories that will set you apart. Besides, it’s always better to look like a complete idiot at a party with someone else looking equally as stupid by your side.
Plan ahead- People who generally scramble around for a costume two days before a party usually end up with leftover supplies. Start shopping now for the best selection, and check online sites for the best accessories. Just make sure to start now so that your package will have time to ship.
Most of all, just have fun with your costume- When you find something that works for you, you’ll feel more inclined to make it your own. The more creativity you put into it, the more of a conversation starter you’ll become. And who knows? You might just end up the guy or gal that everyone just has to have a picture with.
Follow these tips and you may just have the best costume out there, but just be warned……I’m ready to take you down once again. Bring it on Halloween costume contest!