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Blues on the Bay Summer Concert Series Kicks Off This Weekend With the Modern Eldorados
By: Kelly Woodard

Summer and great music are in the air as the Community Maritime Park Associates, Blues Angel Music, and the City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department present the Blues Angel Music Blues on the Bay Summer Concert Series at the Hunter Amphitheater.
Kicking off this summer-long weekly concert series on Sunday, May 1
st is the Rockabilly sensation, Modern Eldorados. Founded by Tyron “Gretsch” Lyles in 1996, The Modern Eldorados uncompromising sound and take no prisoners stage presence doesn't follow trends, but on the contrary stays true to the roots of Americana while infusing it with individual swagger.
Blending rockabilly with traditional country music, the band pays tribute to the essence of Ray Price, Webb Pierce, Hank Williams and Carl Perkins with authentic American honky tonk.....that's The Modern Eldorados.
Concerts begin at 6 pm and are free and open to the public thanks to these great sponsors: Blues Angel Music, Community Maritime Park Associates, City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation, Jet 100.7FM, Soft Rock 94.1 FM, Magic 106.1 FM, Nash 102.7FM, News Talk 1370 AM, Cox Media, Cat Country 98.7FM and News Radio 1620 AM. Concerts will end at 8 pm.
Pack your coolers and bring a lawn chair. Concessions are available, but you’re are free to bring your own food. However, please do not bring pets or glass containers into the park.
The Blues on the Bay 2016 Schedule will be as follows:
•May 1 - Modern Eldorados
•May 22 - Petty Cash
•June 5 - Still Standing: A Tribute to Elton John
•June 26 - Robert Wayne
•July 17 - Crowned Jewels
•Aug. 7 - Boukou Groove
•Aug. 21 - Reunion Band
•Sept. 4 - Not Quite Fab: A Tribute to the Beatles
For more information, please visit or call 850-436-5670.
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If You Want A “Cheeseburger In Paradise”, Look No Further Than Lucy Buffet’s New Cookbook
By: Kelly Woodard

Lucy Buffet, owner of Lulu’s Homeport Restaurant and sister of Jimmy Buffet, will be at the Pensacola Sam’s Club on Airport Boulevard for a meet and greet and signing of her popular cookbook entitled ‘LuLu’s Kitchen, A Taste of the Gulf Coast Good Life’, from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday, April 30
The cookbook is packed with more than 120 signature recipes from her childhood and from the kitchens of her famous Gulf Coast restaurants in Gulf Shores, AL and Destin, FL. LuLu’s Kitchen is Lucy Buffett's culinary guide to classic Southern coastal cuisine. This updated version of her formerly self-published ‘Crazy Sista Cooking’ includes a new introduction and headnotes, updated photography, humorous stories and plenty of Lucy’s wit and wisdom.
The book features party menus, Buffett family favorites, and lots of “telling it like it is.” Renowned novelist Tom McGuane also contributes an engaging essay that blends smoothly with the spicy dishes and distinctive drinks.
Recipes include soul-satisfying Southern delights like West Indies Salad, Perfect Fried Shrimp, Blackened Grouper Sandwich, Garlic Cheese Grits, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Heavenly Fried Crab Claws. And there’s a whole chapter on 25 specialty drinks, including “Bama Breeze” and “LuLu’s Painkiller.”
Lucy’s brother, famous beach bum and leader of the “Parrot Heads”, Jimmy Buffet, said of his sister’s cookbook, “Moments spent at LuLu’s keep me connected to where I came from. I can drop my anchor in a booth by the water and savor a bowl of gumbo; for me there is more than fresh crabmeat, oysters, okra, shrimp, and file powder in that bowl. It contains the faces and memories of friends, family, and events that remind me of the child of the coast that I was and hope to always be. In this book, LuLu has gotten it all down on paper, with great recipes for food that comes with history.”
LuLu’s Kitchen is a clear representation of Lucy’s passion for food and life, while displaying her flair for storytelling.
Lucy Buffet’s cookbook will be available for purchase at Sam’s Club on the day of the event, and the book signing and meet and greet is free.
For more information, please visit
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Grill Master’s Compete For Burger Title At the Burger Battle By the Bay Benefit
By: Kelly Woodard

Summer is almost here, so fire up those grills and get cooking at the Burger Battle By the Bay, this Saturday, April 30
th at the Festival Grounds at the Vince Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park located at the 300 block of Main Street in downtown Pensacola.
This family friendly event will feature cooking teams preparing their best burgers to be judged for bragging rights and the title of “Best Burger in Pensacola”. Both professional and amateur chefs will be on hand to battle to be crowned the burger king, and you’ll get the chance to sample them all! Come and taste the best burgers around, and be sure to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award.
The price for entry is $10 in advance and $12 at the door and includes samples from many of your local restaurants along with back yard experts. Tickets are on sale now by visiting
Brought to you by the Rotary Club of Pensacola Suburban West, all proceeds will benefit Take Stock In Children, a non-profit organization in Florida that provides a unique opportunity for deserving low-income youth/students, many from minority families, to escape the cycle of poverty through education. They provide students college scholarships, caring volunteer mentors, and hope for a better life.
Founded in 1957, the Rotary Club of Pensacola Suburban West has become one of the most active Rotary clubs in the 6940 District. Most often referred to as “SubWest”, but are also known as the “Blue Angel” club, the “fun” club, and the “fried chicken” club. However you choose to refer to the chapter, you can expect great food, fun, and camaraderie.
Come out and taste the best burger in town for a great cause! For more information, call 850-232-5507.
Making Sense by Michael Reagan
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What Trump People Don't Get

Trump people kill me.
They've been whining for weeks about how the Republican Party primary system works.
They say it's rigged because their hero is pulling in the most votes and the most delegates but still might not win the nomination.
They say it's all very simple: Trump's getting the most votes and therefore it's only fair that the person with the most votes from the people should win the nomination.
As I tweeted earlier this week, if that's the way Trump's followers think, then they should all be supporters of Al Gore.
In the 2000 election Gore got 540,000 more votes than George W. Bush, but Bush ended up in the White House because he accumulated the most Electoral College votes.
The Founding Founders & Framers knew what they were doing when they set up the Electoral College to indirectly choose the president.
They didn't want a popular vote and they didn't want Congress to pick the chief executive.
And they sure didn't want a candidate for president to be able to just campaign in three or four big states and rack up huge vote totals and win that way.
The Founders deliberately set it up so each state got its electoral votes in proportion to its representatives and senators.
They wanted every part of the country to be part of the process of choosing a president, not just one heavily populated region or one strong faction of nut balls or extremists. (Not that Trump people are nutballs or extremists.)
It's the same representative principle at work in the Republican Party's primary system.
The GOP doesn't want some guy to be able to win the nomination by flying a 757 into a handful of big states like California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Florida, holding campaign events for 20,000 people at the airport and then flying home to Upper Upper Manhattan.
They want a nominee who gets on the ground, walks the neighborhoods, shakes hands and does the hard retail work at the grass roots.
That's what Ted Cruz has been doing to win his delegates while Trump has been doing TV interviews and zooming back and forth over Flyover Country.
Trump people might not like the primary process because their hero is not winning, or think there is cheating and rigging going on.
But they have to understand there is a process and it's not about vote counts, it's about the delegate count. It's not that tough to get.
Meanwhile, what really concerns me lately is how Trump is wrecking his ability to unify the GOP around his candidacy in the fall if he does win the nomination.
He spends parts of every speech and press conference announcing that he hopes that his supporters don't make trouble if he doesn't win. He hopes they don't riot in the streets. 
I'm getting tired of his veiled threats, because that is what they really are. 
It's time for Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, to stand up at a press conference and tell Trump to cut it out.
Maybe threats and intimidation are part of the Donald's winning strategy in business. But it's not how it's supposed to work when you're trying to win the presidential nomination of the Republican Party.
Copyright ©2014 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press). He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.
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Editorial By: Kelly Woodard

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Every family has moments that leave you with that puzzled look on your face wondering how in the world you ended up somewhat normal. This week, I had one of those moments with mine.
My parents, who have more crap than Sanford and Son, decided a few months back that moving, yet again, was a good idea. (After all, it has been a whole three years since the last move.) They sold their waterfront condo in a matter of days and found the perfect house vacant and ripe for the picking. Only one problem….as a foreclosure, it was a disaster.
I listened to the plans as they added up and thought to myself, “Man, I hope they are planning to hire people to do this work,” knowing that at some point I was going to be lassoed in like a calf at a rodeo. I was right. With a bid on painting the entire inside of the house coming in at $4,000, my mom said, “To hell with that. Grab yourself a paintbrush and get to work.”
I thought, “How bad can it be,” and went to work on day one with a smile on my face. It quickly faded as my back spasm and I splashed my eyes with paint.
Day three of painting arrived, and I wasn’t going to be able to join the crew to stand around talking in the kitchen about all the things we needed to get done while merely holding the paintbrushes until later that afternoon. Around noon, my phone rang. It was my brother, and I could tell by the tone of his voice that this was going to be good.
“I don’t have much time to talk, but you’re not going to believe what “your” parents are doing,” he said. I was on the line like a tuna on a herring. I asked what was going on. “So we were headed to Burger King to grab something quick for lunch. Of course Mom busted out her coupons, and Dad said he needed cheese for his Whopper,” he said. I replied, “So? What’s the big deal about that?” “He said he wouldn’t pay $.20 extra for cheese at Burger King, so we stopped at Winn-Dixie and they are inside now buying their own block of cheese,” he answered.
I sat there with a bewildered look on my face like this had to be a joke and finally I said, “You are kidding me, right?” My brother answered back with a chuckle, “Nope. They would rather spend $5.00 to get the “good” cheese.” We both cracked up laughing at the fact that we have parents who didn’t mind spending tens of thousands of dollars renovating a home, but $.20 for cheese is just cray. I shook my head.
Personally, I’m all about convenience. Instead of driving to the grocery store, getting out of the car, encountering idiots galore while perusing the aisles all to pay 500 times more for the “good” cheese…..I’ll just pay the $.20. Life’s too short for all that stress.
Today, I went over to see if they needed my help with any last minute packing as the moving trucks are scheduled to be there in the morning. With the past four weeks to pack, I expected there to be some loose odds and ends. Instead, I walked into an episode of Hoarders: Moving Edition. I packed boxes with hundreds of pens and thousands of pieces of useless papers. I packed 17 boxes of pictures spanning my entire life. I packed things from the pantry that I’m pretty sure they don’t make anymore.
When it was all said and done, (at least for me), I realized that I need to say a special prayer for that poor unsuspecting moving crew that has no idea what tomorrow is going to bring. A hundred boxes, 25 side tables, and an endless array of remnants lie waiting.
As I looked around before I walked out the door to rest my aching back after a day of hard work, nothing was recognizable in the home the once had here. Nothing except the cheese slicer on the counter. I couldn’t help but smile. At least they’ve got the essentials.
Here’s to my parents, their new home, and the best dang block of cheese they’ve ever put on a Whopper.