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Editorial By: Kelly Woodard

This week, we finally moved into our “little shack” on the water, and though it wasn’t easy and it looks like ramen noodles are on the menu for the next six months, it was well worth it.
We had been preparing for the move for nearly a month. The boxes were packed, the services had been transferred, and the truck had been rented. I thought I had this all under control. I was wrong.
When moving day 1 rolled around, I grabbed the boxes that contained things like kitchen utensils, cleaners, and laundry detergent. I headed to the house with a mission: get set up quickly and efficiently. Little did I know that when I opened the front door I would find that the cleaning crew did less than a stellar job. The floors weren’t even swept, let alone mopped, and the kitchen cabinets were so filthy that I actually dry heaved a little. I nearly lost my marbles when I opened a cabinet to find bugs and dirt so thick, that I eventually gave up and decided not to use that particular cabinet. The jury is still out on how to handle that one.
We may be broke for a while, but being a beach bum suits me just fine.
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Hollywood Liberals Stand Down for Israel
Making Sense by Michael Reagan
Once again Israel is being forced to defend itself from the terrorists who run Gaza.
Once again Israel has had to drop bombs and send tanks and ground troops into Gaza to blow up tunnels and destroy the missile sites Hamas has been using to rain hundreds of rockets down on Israel's farms and cities.
And once again the Jews of Hollywood are silent.
Where are Spielberg, Streisand and David Geffen? Why haven't these famous liberal consciences of Hollywood stood up to show their support for Israel against the terroristic attacks of Hamas?
The producers, directors, actors and studio moguls of Tinseltown are always quick to voice their political support for their candidates and pet causes.
Stop the pipeline! Outlaw fracking! Save the whales, the polar bears and the three-toed beach mouse! God forbid anyone in Hollywood utter the words "Save Israel!"
Hollywood holds a fund-raiser every night for some needy group or moral crusade, but they are conspicuously silent when it comes to supporting Israel.
By being so silent, Hollywood's power people end up looking like they're pro-Hamas.
Could they really believe the death and destruction going on in Gaza right now is Israel's fault?
Even the dumbest actor in this town knows that the bad guy in that bloody reality show is Hamas.
And there's not an honest politician, actor or liberal in the world who doesn't know that Hamas uses innocent Palestinian women and children as shields -- and then exploits their deaths in the media for political advantage.
The saddest part is that the media and the rest of the world believe Hamas' BS.
Hamas is a terrorist organization and it behaves that way. The president knows it. Everyone knows it.
It's the Israeli's who are trying to save lives. That's why they warn innocent Palestinians to get out of the way of their bombs.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called on the international community to take a "clear stand" and hold Hamas accountable for "starting and prolonging this conflict."
I'm asking the Hollywood community to do the same, but I'm not holding my breath. The conservatives in La-La Land are afraid to speak out for Israel because their careers could be hurt and the liberals won't say anything because, well, because they are liberals.
The only Jewish person standing up for Israel in this part of California was Max Steinberg, the 24-year-old American citizen from L.A. who went to Israel, fell in love with the country, joined the Israeli Defense Forces and became a sharpshooter.
Steinberg was only 5-foot-3, but when he was serving in the army in Israel he earned nicknames such as "Mighty Max" and "Little Dynamo."
On Sunday in Gaza he was one of the 13 Israeli soldiers killed in a fire fight with Hamas.
Steinberg was a hero, the stuff of movies, who volunteered for a combat unit.
He died standing up for Israel. You won't find Spielberg, Streisand and Geffen doing that — and no one is shooting bullets at them.
After 9/11 President G.W. Bush said if you're not with us in our fight against the terrorists, you're against us.
As far as I can tell, Hollywood and its most prominent Jews — by their silence — are against Israel.
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Catching a Great Sunset and A Great Meal Can Win You Big Money At Sunset Grille
By: Kelly Woodard

Anyone who has ever visited Sunset Grille in Perdido Key knows that they boasts some of the best sunset views around. Now it’s your chance to cash in on those beautiful sunset moments captured on camera with the 1
st Annual Sunset Grille Photo Contest! Now through September 1st, head on out to the waterfront restaurant, snap a picture of its iconic sunset and you could potentially win one of the many great prizes the restaurant is offering.
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Joe Patti’s Seafood Named One of the Top 50 Best Southern Food Providers
By: Kelly Woodard

A Pensacola icon and local seafood favorite, Joe Patti’s Seafood, has made the 2014 list of Taste of the South Magazine’s Top 50 best in the nation. “The people, places, products, organizations, and companies named to the Taste 50 represent the best in Southern food. They are authentically Southern, have superior quality, and have made an impact toward the preservation, celebration, and future of Southern food,” said Caroline Russell, an editorial assistant with the magazine.
Joe Patti’s Seafood share the honor with other southern food staples like Conecuh Sausage, Apalachicola Oysters, Crescent City Farmers Market, Milo’s Hamburgers, Tabasco, Waffle House, and Moon Pie.
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Jackson’s Steakhouse Honors Culinary Legend, Julia Child’s 102nd Birthday
By: Kelly Woodard

To celebrate the life of one of America's true culinary darlings, Jackson’s Steakhouse is proud to present ‘Jackson's and Julia: A Celebration of the 101st Birthday of Julia Child’, Friday, August 15
th from 11 am to 10 pm. A culinary icon, Child’s rose to fame through her books and television programs, she demonstrated that cooking doesn't need to be intimidating and its okay to make mistakes. The food world has evolved a great deal since Julia was starting out, and its tremendous growth is in large part attributable to her singular influence.
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Tips For Starting the School Year Off Right Without Losing Your Sanity
By: Kelly Woodard

The 2014-15 school year is fast approaching, and things will soon be changing for the little ones in our lives. Change may be good, but it’s not necessarily easy. Switching from the laid-back fun in the sun of summer to rules, homework, and routines can be a big jump for parents and children alike. But with a little preparation and the right attitude, it doesn’t have to be so hard.
It’s normal for a child to have a little flutter of anxiety about going back to school. After all, they’re getting themselves ready for a lot of newness: a teacher, classmates, tasks, and challenges.
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