Bubba Watson May Have Two Green Jackets, But He’s Still A Down To Earth Guy

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Bubba Watson May Have Two Green Jackets, But He’s Still A Down To Earth Guy
By: Kelly Woodard

Pensacola’s hometown PGA hero, Bubba Watson, went home once again with the coveted green jacket last Sunday at the 2014 Masters in Augusta, Ga. Watson dominated the rest of the field through the week, especially in Sunday's final round where he broke a tie game just before Turn Four on No. 9, then cruised to an easy win
by three strokes. For Watson, a fan favorite, a University of Georgia product and a gulf coast native, that makes two jackets in just three years. Not too shabby.
Watson says his success is still unbelievable even to him. “To win one green jacket is a dream come true. To win two is icing on the cake. I never thought I’d get this far…I’m just trying to keep my Tour card every year, and I’m lucky enough to have won two green jackets. I play the game not to be called a great player. I love it and want to grow the game,” he said.
Although Watson has remained humble, his success is no fluke. He trains hard. He plays hard. He takes risks. Although he may have had a 3-shot lead on 15 in the final round on Sunday, Watson chose to hit an iron between pines, over the pond and over the green’s backside, proving that when the pressure is on, so too is Watson’s ability to deliver.
Jordan Spieth,
PGA’s Rookie of the Year in 2012, chased Watson all weekend for the coveted title but says Watson is a forced to be reckoned with. “When he’s driving the ball well, he’s tough to beat. Every time I’d hit a decent shot, here comes Bubba with a better one. He answered back every time.”
Watson’s recent win seemed to be a bit less dramatic than his first win in 2012 where
in a playoff over Louis Oosthuizen, he pulled off a ridiculous shot; a slinging hook off pine straw under the most intense pressure. Despite the crowd pleasing antics he was able to deliver in 2012, Watson said, “Playing this way was a lot better…a lot easier.”
One thing that didn’t change from his 2012 Masters win was his emotionally charged reaction that makes him one of the most loveable characters in golf. As he sunk his final put to clinch the title, Watson embraced his wife Angie and their now three year old son Caleb as the tears began flowing down his face.
“Back in 2012, we adopted Caleb just a week before the Masters, and I thought about pulling out of the tournament because I wanted so badly to be with my new family. My wife encouraged me to play, and I never imagined that I would win,” Watson said. “This time around, things felt more stable and grounded. I was able to focus on my game. At the end of the day, win or lose, I owe everything to Angie and Caleb.”
Watson’s good friend and fellow PGA teammate Rickie Fowler said, “Being a dad has really brought out the best in Bubba. He was already a great guy, but now we can see how he has matured in both his family life and his game. He’s gone from being like 12-and-a-half years old to 14 mentally. He’s just a kid at heart.”
As he left the 18th green crying tears of joy, he did so with Caleb in his arms, high-fiving the fans on the way by. Watson said shortly after slipping on his green jacket and once again picking up his son, “Winning the Masters is a dream come true. To have two of these jackets is overwhelming, but it’s not what makes me great. This little guy is.”
After the excitement settled down, Watson, green jacket and all, headed out for a post win meal at the local Augusta Waffle House. Even though he may have made $1.62 million from his victory, Watson is still a down home boy at heart tweeting a late night pic that read, “Champ dinner @WaffleHouse! #hashbrowns #covered”.
Pat Warner, Waffle House's vice president of culture, told ESPN.com, “It's a testament to Bubba's character that even though he has two green jackets, he still comes to us for his grilled cheese and hash browns.”
Bubba’s down to earth personality and sincere tears are quickly becoming, like the Masters itself, a tradition like none other.